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Keystone Percussion Core Barrel - Do More with Less

Cluster drills allow you to drill larger holes; they contain multiple downhole hammers in a single engineered canister, creating a solution for holes that cannot be drilled with a single DTH drill.

Keystone Cluster Drill Products allow you to reduce time, cost, and space on your job site while increasing production.

At Keystone Drill Services, we constantly innovate to find more efficient processes for our clients, and our core barrels are no exception. As a result, the Keystone Percussion Core Barrel stands out among competitors across the construction and foundation industries by allowing you to do more with less.

Percussion Core Barrel Specs:

  • Integrated “ratchet” air inlet

  • 10” wide KERF (48” Core barrel leaves 28’ stub if it hasn’t pulverized)

  • 3 hammers, one compressor

  • Reduce overall weight

  • Same low height as our Keystone HP Cluster Drills

We did all this while reducing the number of hammers needed to drill a hole. Keystone has developed our Cluster Core Barrel, which only places hammers on the gauge row with a hollow center which may or may not leave a core. So, where you may have needed 7 bits/hammer on a 48” cluster drill, you only need to use 3 bits/hammer on a core barrel of the same size.

Most importantly, we have created a core barrel that reduces the number of hammers and bits needed while reducing the number of air compressors by two. This makes MOBE time much less and reduces operating costs per hour. Not to mention this core barrel is effective in tight areas making a smaller footprint on your job site.

Our Percussion Core Barrels are available in custom sizes to fit your need. As with all of our products, we are willing to work with our clients to find customized solutions.

Aside from our proprietary Keystone Percussion Core Barrel, we also have a robust rental fleet of core barrels and replacement hammers for your existing core barrels or cluster drill.

If you are looking for used cluster drills, we also keep an inventory of used equipment to serve your budget.

If you want a core barrel that will do more for less, contact Keystone Drill Services to learn more about our Keystone Percussion Core Barrel.


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