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Soil Stabilization for Dredging & Remediation

Soil stabilization can be a vital step in many industrial dredging and remediation applications. Keystone Drill Services understands the process and can provide world-class ALLU soil improvement and stabilization equipment to meet any need.

If you are in one of the many industries that require soil stabilization and dredging, you understand how difficult the process can be.

Industries that utilize soil stabilization -
  • Dredging

  • Marine Construction

  • Civil Construction

  • Foundation/Construction

  • Ground Engineering

  • Mining & Aggregate

  • Tunnel & Underground

Soil stabilization is the strengthening of soil to increase its stability and rigidity. Soil stabilization is key to construction because it increases the integrity of the soil and reduces the amount of water it can absorb, decreasing the ground’s ability to sink or swell with temperature c

The ALLU Pressure Feeder (PF 7 + 7) is a two-tank pressure feeder and self-contained computer-controlled pneumatic-based binder delivery system, which helps to solve several key issues:

  • Two tanks, double productivity on the job site

  • Delivers and mixes binder in dry form, more cost-effective and conserves “drying” capacity

  • Computer-controlled feed precisely adds binder, reduces cost, and improves quality on your job site.

Dredging is excavating materials from a body of water to mitigate and manage contamination. Often dredging is a necessary step in the environmental remediation process. Dredging also reshapes bodies of water to increase navigability or improve drainage. In today’s market, there is a focus on the beneficial reuse of dredged material. At the same time, some contaminated material must be disposed of properly. Stabilizing is the first step to simplifying soil transportation. When stable, material is less likely to leach at the disposal site. Stabilization helps to lock the contaminants in place so that they do not contaminate once they have been excavated. Dredged material is reused in a number of different ways. For capping landfill, mine reclamation, clean fill, and many other ways. The material needs to have more structure for it to be useful. ALLU systems can help.

ALLU Processors are durable yet lightweight, built out of weather-resistant steel, solving some pain points in the stabilization process, including:

  • Powered by the excavator’s hydraulic system, providing the ability to reach difficult or soft areas, consistently mixing material everywhere it goes.

  • ​​Binders or chemical agents are delivered to the area of the highest mixing shear, adding precision to the process and eliminating waste.

  • The excavator controls the rotational direction of the drums, adjusting for the most effective mixing.

Keystone Drill Services is a one-stop shop for soil stabilization. We have the equipment you need to improve your process, and experienced professionals prepared to help you find the best solution for any project. The parts and service department can ensure that your equipment continues to run as efficiently as on day one. We also custom manufacture parts, so your job site will never be stalled. When you partner with Keystone Drill Services, we bring a century of expertise and a group of highly skilled professionals with a deep knowledge of soil stabilization and remediation to the job site. In addition, we can boost your bottom line by allowing you to work with one vendor for sales, parts, service, and rentals.

If you are searching for soil stabilization and dredging equipment for your next project, trust the professionals at Keystone Drill Services to assist you in finding a solution.


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