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CS6 Hammer

  • 6" Hammer with 7-7/8" Bit

  • Splined Bit and Chuck

  • Drop-in Replacement for CRI LP Cluster Drills

  • Patented and Proven Quick-Change Bit Technology

  • Higher Performance and Longer Tool Life

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Choosing the right hammer is largely determined by the hole size and the type of rock formation.

Our experienced sales personnel will guide you to the best solution for your application.

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Featuring Secoroc:


Model/Hole Size Range
  • COP (2 3/4”– 7”)

  • COP Gold (4 5/16”– 7”)

  • QL (4 5/16”– 12”)

  • QLX (3 9/16”– 6 1/2”) and (9 7/8”– 11”)

  • TD (7 7/8”– 12”)


Secoroc COP/COP Gold/QL hammers:
  • Reliability
  • Longevity

  • Shallow water well drilling

  • Production drilling in quarries

  • Blasthole Drilling


Secoroc QLX hammer:
  • Deephole drilling

  • Proven superior performance

  • Adaptability to different air requirements



Secoroc TD hammer:
  • Maximum Productivity
  • Better penetration rate

  • Deephole drilling

Also available:
  • Hydrocyclones

  • Jet Subs

  • Shock Subs

  • Stabalizers

  • Thrust Washers

  • Thread Grease

  • Rock Drill Oil

Inspection Service:
  • Cleaning

  • Inspection

  • Measurement

  • Firing


Mincon Group PLC was founded in 1977 in Shannon, Ireland. Mincon manufactures and distributes a range of precision engineered hard rock drilling tools for a variety of industries including Mining, Exploration, Waterwell, Geothermal, Construction, Horizontal Directional Drilling, Oil-Gas and Energy.


Spiral Flush-technology where all air is blown crosswise to the casing with no pressure against the ground.

Mincon_Construction_Products 2.png
Increased Size Ranges
  • We have developed the world’s most powerful DTH hammer

  • We have designed the most reliable large diameter HD shock absorbers

  • We manufacture the biggest DTH bits ever made


We have a variety of solutions that are ideal for large hole foundation/construction projects as well as utility and pole hole projects. These flexible hammers can be used in piling, footings, piers, caissons and oil & gas operations.

QL300 hammer with 48” bit


184 Alisa Street

Somerset, PA 15501


The Original Utility Pole Drill with 22” bit

pole drill.png
Featuring Secoroc:


Model/Hole Size Range
  • PPD 120 Drill (12”– 24”)

  • QL120 (12 1/4”– 24”)

  • QL200 (17 1/2”– 36”)

  • QL300 (30”– 48”)


PPD 120
  • Improved power

  • 50% increased penetration over DHD-112


  • Unmatched reliability

  • Symmetrix compatible

  • Hydrocylones

  • Retrieval system 


  • Proven technology

  • No exhaust tubes in the bits

  • Symmetrix compatible

Quecreek Mine Rescue- 9 for 9

quecreek pg 6.JPG
July 24 – 28, 2002

Actual QL200 Downhole Drill and 26” Drill Bit that drilled 129’ down into the mine. On display at Quecreek Mine Rescue Foundation.


Rocky Hammer

Everdigm Rocky Hammer is a general purpose hammer suitable at a wide range of air pressures. The hammer has fewer parts than other hammers, thus allowing for easy maintenance and servicing.

Features and Benefits
  • UPPER CHAMBER: Optimized cylinder chamber providing optimized hammer stroke and high impact power

  • PISTON DESIGN: Robust, simple piston design for strength and performance

  • DOWN CHAMBER: Efficient chamber volumes and cycle timing to give you optimum performance

  • CHUCK: Intermediate frequency induction heating offering extra protection against wear and fatigue

  • BIT: Quality forged material providing outstanding performance and durability



DURAWING is a concentric overburden system designed for casing installation drilling range of 4” to 32” diameter hole, specialized through various formations into bedrock.


The wings are enclosed in the pocket area making it the most professional & efficient system in the

market as it is free from clogging in loose overburden material while it goes down to bedrock. When the drilling starts, wing bits come out with unique cam sliding mechanism. The key feature of DURAWING is the self-actuating wing bit system that is reliable regardless of unpredictable ground conditions.


Features and Benefits

  • Unique sliding mechanism leads to absolute workability

  • Simple parts replacement

  • Low running cost

  • Same performance in horizontal drilling

  • Prevent jamming with internal air exhaust


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