ALLU designs, manufactures and sells products for adding value to customers in numerous applications for processing, separating, sorting, mixing and crushing materials. Typical applications include e.g. soil and waste material recycling, processing contaminated soil, transforming waste to usable material.


Driven by customer needs, the company has innovated the methods and equipment for transforming the processes and operations of the customers. The history of ALLU goes back for over 30 years and today over 95% of the business is done with international customers globally.


ALLU is the leading manufacturer of screener crushers and has experience in the field from over 30 years. ALLU manufactures soil improvement equipment with the Processor and Soil Improvement product lines. 


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Corporate Headquarters

184 Alisa Street

Somerset, PA 15501


Branch Locations

12655 Route 536
Punxsutawney, PA 15767

315 Zane Grey Road
Norwich, OH 43767

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